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Attending the University of San Diego has given me the opportunity to undertake various projects and leadership positions, where I continuously strive to acquire new skills and challenge myself in the marketing and sales arena. Below are examples of my undergraduate work, which I take great pride in as a reflection of my dedication and passion for the field.

Caroline's Projects

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USD Business Accelerator 

This past summer, I had the privilege of participating in the USD Business Accelerator program. My journey began with several entrepreneurial concepts, and I had the invaluable opportunity to receive coaching and mentorship within the incubator. Through this experience, I gained a profound appreciation for the challenges and complexities of entrepreneurship, particularly within the Knauss School of Business.

In evidence of my progress and dedication, I have included two pitch decks as a testament to the growth and learning I've undergone during my time in the incubator.

I want to thank Silvia Mah for her unwavering mentorship and guidance throughout this experience. I am genuinely thrilled about the prospects that lie ahead as I continue to advance within the Brink at USD initiative.

Skills Learned: 

Failure is not terminal       Pitch Deck     Elevator Pitches   


Business Investments and Financials    


University of San Diego Sales Club 


VP Marketing   |   USD Sales Club

As the Vice President of Marketing for the Sales Club, I have gained a wealth of valuable life lessons within just one semester. My responsibilities included promoting the Sales Club to University of San Diego students, actively recruiting new members, and facilitating presentations from industry professionals.

Weekly Tasks: 

1. I coordinated and organized events with potential speakers and companies offering internships and job opportunities to Sales Club members.

2. I was responsible for keeping company representatives and students informed about upcoming workshops and national competitions by updating our media channels and mailchimp newsletter.

3. In order to effectively promote our events, I created event flyers, video advertisements, google form surveys, and wrote descriptive social media posts. Through these tasks, I gained valuable skills in Mailchimp, Canva, Linkedin, and Final Cut Pro.

Skills Learned: 

Mailchimp   Canva    Linkedin    Final Cut Pro   

sales team channel

sales team channel

Rethink Ice Cream 


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Marketing and Sales Internship

Rethink logo White on black (1).png

As a brand ambassador and intern, I had the privilege of leading samplings and marketing Rethink Ice Cream at Tu Mercado store, situated at the University of San Diego. Representing a brand that upholds sustainable practices and ethical treatment of cows was an immense source of pride for me. It was gratifying to see how the positive impact of Rethink Ice Cream's mission and values resonated strongly with the university student community, making this experience a valuable one for me as a marketer and ambassador.

Rethink Ice Cream Sampling and Events

HiSmile Advertisement

Project Assignment: Integrate a pressing global issue with a for-profit business. Make an ad to inspire consumers to make a meaningful purchase. The advertisement should highlight the positive impact of the product/service and encourage conscious consumerism.


For profit Business: hiSmile

Political issue: COVID-19 Mask mandates 

We anticipate that our advertisement will appeal to individuals who oppose wearing masks and to those who enjoy seeing people smile. It serves as a reminder of how the pandemic has forced us to hide our smiles behind masks and endure limited social interaction. Our aim is to encourage people to continue following the mask mandate by highlighting the impact of the pandemic on social interaction. We believe that increasing the visibility of this commercial on social media platforms will help generate additional support for hiSmile, a teeth whitening company with a natural connection to bright, confident smiles.

Screen Shot 2023-03-23 at 7.06.19 PM.png

made by Caroline Amling using Final Cut Pro and stock images

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