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Gerber Life Insurance Problem

Our Solution


American Marketing Association
Collegiate College Summit

The Challenge: Gerber Life Insurance is looking to elevate their online presence (primarily on Linkedin) to better reach their prospective, current, and past employees, and tell the story of their corporate culture, benefits, and community involvement. 

  1. Develop a new website that promotes active engagement with both current and prospective employees.

  2. Rebrand the website with a more intuitive user interface that reflects the family-centric values of Gerber Life Insurance.

  3. Introduce employee spotlights as a means of enhancing employee satisfaction and motivating prospective candidates to apply.

  4. Produce a video advertisement that effectively redefines the concept of Gerber Life Insurance for potential customers.

I produced a video advertisement using screen-recorded footage from various YouTube videos spanning the globe. Using Final Cut Pro, I crafted the advertisement aimed at rebranding Gerber Life Insurance as more than just an insurance provider, but as a company that values the importance of family from the moment of birth until the end of life. My objective was to create a compelling message that conveys Gerber's family-oriented ethos and strengthens the company's brand identity.

Rebranding the values of

Gerber Video Advertisement 

made by Caroline Amling with Final Cut Pro

All Videos

All Videos

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Rebranding of the Gerber Life Insurance Website

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Gerber website! While maintaining our family values, we have infused a fresh Gen Z-inspired touch. With strategically placed calls-to-action on the front and last pages, we are fostering a two-way communication feedback loop and directly engaging with our clients. We understand the importance of regularly updating our website to manage our reputation, sustain our digital presence, and stand out among the myriad of insurance companies out there.

Linkedin Employee Spotlight 

made by Caroline Amling with canva

We have included an example of our envisioned Employee Spotlight Campaign. The first graphic serves as an introduction to the featured employee, with their picture and job title aimed at personalizing the post and generating interest among viewers who may share similar career interests or simply want to connect with them.

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Place Winner

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San Diego Waves 



San Diego Waves
Sports Marketing Competition

The San Diego Waves have expressed a desire to expand their consumer base in San Diego and foster continued growth. As part of their future soccer season business plan, they intend to incorporate sponsorship from a healthcare company.

Our proposed plan involves rebranding the team jerseys to prominently feature UC San Diego Health, as well as developing a comprehensive business plan that includes events, brand merchandising, and commercial ideas. The aim is to establish a strong and meaningful partnership with UC San Diego Health.

made by Caroline Amling with Adobe Illustrator

To optimize the incorporation of the UC San Diego Health logo onto the SD waves jersey, we recommended that it be added to the front, replacing the previous Kaiser logo. Additionally, smaller logos could be strategically placed in other areas of the jersey to acknowledge the contributions of other potential team sponsors. Placing the smaller logos on the sleeves would ensure that the primary focus remains on the main team sponsor.

San Diego Waves
Jersey Rebranding 

Screen Shot 2023-03-23 at 1.28.07 PM.png

made by Caroline Amling with Adobe Illustrator and Canva

Our team proposes a commercial concept that involves partnering with UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center and the San Diego Waves to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. The commercial will be filmed at either UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center or the San Diego Waves field, and will focus on recognizing and acknowledging the strong women fighting cancer at the Cancer Center. The San Diego Waves jacket, chosen intentionally for its warmth and comfort, will be worn by the players to embrace the patients during the commercial shoot. The commercial will feature close-up shots of players embracing the patients and families battling cancer together, with the breast cancer ribbon logo and the SD Wave X UC San Diego Health logo appearing at the end of the shot. The commercial will also highlight the solidarity and support that women provide each other, regardless of fame or talent.

San Diego Waves Jersey Rebranding 
Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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USD Sales Team

NTSC 2022 
Indiana University


global MKTG (1).png

National Team Selling Competition

The 16th annual National Team Selling Competition (NTSC), taking place from October 19 to 21, is an esteemed sales event that attracts the finest sales talent from colleges and universities nationwide.

NTSC presents a unique opportunity for distinguished sales programs to apply their classroom knowledge and skills in a realistic and current selling scenario. Participating teams benefit from invaluable experience and exposure while competing, and the event offers exceptional networking opportunities with corporate partners, recruiters, students, and faculty.

- Kelley School of Business 

Indiana University

home-made shirts for the last day of competition

Day 3 of NTSC Competition

I represented the University of San Diego as a member of the sales team in a national mock competition, which involved delivering a simulated sales pitch in a highly competitive setting against 30 other participating schools. Our team was given a fictional business with a simulated problem to solve within a two-week timeframe. Throughout the competition, we had three meetings with mock advisors or "potential clients" to effectively address their concerns. To demonstrate our initiative, our team created custom shirts showcasing the company partnership to differentiate ourselves from the competition. 

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